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What cause?

To foster creative minds and to help with the education of our next generation.

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Free Designs

We will be adding free stream overlays, video elements, and more for creators just getting started that need resources. We also intend to add additional designs for you to use to make shirts, mugs, etc. for those of you are are crafty, but don't really make content. Those designs will be of all kinds, will likely follow internet trends. Links to pages for designs will all be listed here:

Streaming/Video Overlay Designs

These include items such as camera overlays and panels for live streams. Stream starting and ending screens will be added as well. Save us as a favorite, so you can check back for what's new!

Video Elements

These are elements that can be used in your video content or streams, such as titles or banners indicating to subscribe to your channel, etc.

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Educating Children

A children's book is in the works. We need to make sure the next generation gets started off right.

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There will be 245 First Edition CycloCutie NFTs. A portion of all sales and future royalties will go toward educating children. Available on OpenSea.

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Thanks for submitting!

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